Gate Operating Systems in Humble, TX

Gate access control is a convenience every gate owner needs to have! Being able to press a button and remotely open your gate is essential—especially if you’re using your gate daily or multiple times each day. Instead of getting out of your car or having to call for assistance to have the gate opened, an access control system affords you the power to control your gating system with just the press of a button.

R J Maintenance wants to offer this convenience to you! We provide comprehensive gate operating system services, including installation, repairs and opener replacements.

gate system

Gate System Installations

Whether you have a preexisting gate installed already or you’re having a new one brought in, we’ll be glad to modify it for access control. Our experts can quickly outfit your gate with a fob for keyless entry, no matter the size or style of the gate itself. In doing so, we make sure everything is properly coordinated—from the power supply, to the locking mechanism, to the automatic gate opener in Humble, TX. Count on us for a system that works flawlessly.

Gate System Repairs

Problems opening your gate remotely? Issues with the signal from fobs or with the automatic mechanism itself can cause your door to become a burden more than it’s a convenience! At the first sign of trouble, give us a call to troubleshoot. We’ll set things straight and have your gate repaired to working order in no time at all.

Gate Openers

Need additional fobs or replacement gate openers in Humble, TX to keep your gate working? We’re happy to supply them. We can program openers to sync with your gating system to ensure it opens reliably at the press of a button.

For more information about gate access control systems or to have yours inspected and repaired by one of our experienced professionals, please contact R J Maintenance today at 281-593-2932.

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